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The expression of the victims themselves during the manifestation in Wittenberg

L'expression de la victime elle-même au cours de la manifestation à Wittenberg >>>

Flüchtlingsinitiative Möhlau Wittenberg had manifested on 18. 06. 2010 in „Markt Platz Wittenberg“ comprising the „Initiative Runder Tisch Flüchtlingsheim Möhlau “Upon the isolation and the inability for refugees to get transportation to Wittenberg, they managed to be present in Wittenberg with the help of the „Flüchtlingsrat Sachsen-Anhalt“ and „No Lager halle“ to express their opinion and feelings towards the treatments and the consequences of the isolation to their health, which affects also their children.

Isolated refugees children of möhlau used that opportunity to look around the city, play football in the Markt platz of wittenberg, were happy to see people, certain intend to behave primitive because of long time in isolation. So we should ask ourselves why? In this modern world, Globalised world.

Refugees made it known to the competent authority that they don't want to be forced to live in the old Russian military camp any more. That Möhlau camp has to be close! It destroys their lives and make them sick upon which the psychological sicknesses, damages caused by the isolated camp of Möhlau would be irreparable in future- that means the lives and perspectives of innocent refugees were systematically and indirectly been destroyed.

Innocent refugees, families with their children manifested to give a signal to the competent authority that enough! is enough!. That they were forced to live in Möhlau out of their willing.

The refugees in the local government of Wittenberg demand the immediate closure of the Möhlau old military camp used as refugee camp! And be giving a normal House in the town of Wittenberg, this would reduce expenditure to the state and save the lives and perspective of innocent refugees.
Facilitate their integration in the society.

The refugees demand for an immediate abolition of the voucher system for all! Which contributes also to create sicknesses to innocent refugees because they were forced to eat what they don't intend to eat..

The refugees in Möhlau wittenberg denounce the practice of not giving working permits to refugees who merited to work. They demand Working permits for all!

The refugees demand for an immediate consideration of establishing resident permit to innocent refugees so as for them to be able to contribute to the economical and social development.

We need solidarity instead of social exclusion! We need perspectives instead of Isolation!

Flüchtlingsinitiative Möhlau Wittenberg