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Refugees in Wittenberg in demand for change, freedom and solidarity expressing Feelings through Caravan-Festival

Refugees in Wittenberg demand for change, freedom and solidarity and expressing our Feelings through the caravane-Festival in Jena 4-6 juni 2010

The commission of Health and Social of the local government of Wittenberg are holding a meeting today 03.06.2010 to discuss about the future of refugees transferd to live in their Local government.
by the federal office of refugees and immigration.

Referring to that the, „Flüchtlingsinitiative Möhlau Wittenberg“ appreciate that the discussion are taking place and at the same time is making known to the commission that

1.We Refugees living in the Local government of Wittenberg don't want to live on isolation camps any more. Möhlau should be close!

2.We refugees demand the abolition of the so called „Gutschen“in wittenberg, because it is unjustified and it contributed to endanger our lives. Other Local government had abolished this hatred application of voucher..

3.We refugees want all to live in a private apartments that means- All families in private apartment of their own. Non married refugees also in their own apartment of 2 persons each.

4.We all wants to live in Wittenberg or other cities where there is an accessible, appropriate infrastructures to guarantee our existence, according to your system.

5.We all need working permits, for it is unjustified that majority of us are here for more than 6,to 12,13 without working permission even though other local government gives.

6.Refugees needs their health assurance so as to be able to be treated when they are sick.

7.Refugees wants their resident right not to be abused by the competent authority.

Refugees living in the local government of Wittenberg have been in isolation in Möhlau for many years, under oppression and fear, now we wants change, freedom and solidarity. Support  the caravane-festival!.

Flüchtlingsinitiative Möhlau Wittenberg