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Berlin Demo Against Royal Coup in Nepal

Let’s march to build up Democratic Republic of Nepal
All round resistance to the Feudal-Military Barbaric Martial law

Just before the People’s War entered to its 10 years by completing the 9 thunderable years feudal-Military King Gyanendra backed by some of the warlords declared the martial law for three years and snatched the limited democratic freedoms gained through 1990s people’s movement on 1st of Feb 2005.

Political leaders, students, human rights activists, journalists, etc are in detention immediately after the declaration of the state of emergency. Leading human rights activists, journalists, political and trade union leaders are in hiding or have fled the country. Those who were exposing and condemning the excesses of the dictator Gyanendra and armed forces are now being muzzled. There is strict media censorship enforced by the Royal army.

It is very interesting and strange that the U.S. and the Bush, who claims itself the champion of civil rights and democracy, has given wholehearted support to the undemocratic regimes worldwide. For realizing its political military and economic goals the U.S. has no objection even to embrace the tyrant rulers and dictators like feudal monarch Gyanendra. The present palace coup and military rule is nothing but the outcome of consistent military and political support given by the U.S. as well as Indian rulers to the Royal Army by ignoring the massive violation of Human Rights. So, Gyanedra Shah is trying to divert the clock of history back by imposing the medieval feudal rule against the Nepalese people in 21st century.

In the history of Nepal, dictatorial rule of King was imposed in 1960 through military power and re-imposed the the Rana oligarchy into Shah oligarchy. Nepalese people fought for more then 30 yrs against the Royal regime in the name of Panchayat. It has only proved that the without bringing the army under the people and without establishing the sovereignty of the people the democracy is not possible in feudal dominated country like in Nepal. People’s War initiated on 13th of Feb. 1996 under the leadership of Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) [CPN (M))] with the guidance of MLM and Prachanda Path.

The People’s War has broken and hill up the feudal and bureaucratic cycle of chains from almost the 80% of the country and developed into new height. Nepalese people are building up their own people’s establishment, the system and their own People’s Liberation Army. More than 12,000 best sons and the daughters of the masses have sacrificed their precious life while resisting the royal goons in the royal army camouflage. Martyr’s blood and the great pains and contribution of the masses brought the PW into the stage of Strategic Offensive. This proclamation proved the essentiality of the revolution in Nepal.

Nepal stands at the crossroad between the autocratic feudal military regime and the democratic republic of Nepal (DRN). It is the necessity of the era to be unite all the democratic political forces, civil society, intellectuals and all sectors of the people to establish the DRN.

Nepalese people appeal you for the support and solidarity of the genuine democratic, progressive and peace loving forces of the world for the process of democratic republic by removing the 239 years old feudal tyrannical autocratic rule which is backed by US imperialist and Indian expansionist forces.

So, on the behalf of Nepalese people Internationalist Nepalese Solidarity Forum (INSOF) calls upon the democratic, progressive and peace loving people of Europe to stand with the Nepalese people in their struggle to throw off centuries old brutal exploitation and oppression. We demand and request the international communities to stop the economic, political and military aid to the Gyanendra’s dictatorship immediately whether whatever drama will be stage. We also inform you the danger of the imperialist and expansionist intervention in whatever grand design of the puppet Gyanendra whose hands are soaked with the blood of thousands of innocent and diligent Nepali people.

Long Live the Democratic Republic of Nepal!
Let’s unite to resist the Oligarchy sponsored by Imperialism!!
No Political, Economic and military aid to Royal dictator!!!

In front of Nepalese Embassy, Guerickestrasse 27, Berlin
March 14, Time: 13.30

In front of Nepalese Embassy Geneva and UN, Geneva