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Refugees from wittenberg want their liberty and freedom and say no to isolation!!

Les refugiers veulent leur liberte en dissent non a l'issolation >>

Open letter to “AG MÖHLAU”

„Flüchtlingsinitiative Möhlau wittenberg“ appreciate the
possibility accorded by the district council of local
government of Wittenberg, by which a set of district council
and the social commission affiliated a group , consisting of
one member appointed by the political groups and the county
government. It is called "AG MÖHLAU".

They will discuss in detail the possibilities of
decentralising refugees to a normal private houses.

This could be held on 25.3.2010 in Wittenberg.

However. we the victims been „flüchtlingsinitiative Möhlau
Wittenberg“ are referring to the competent “AG Möhlau” to put
in consideration our human dignity of all these innocent
refugees attributed in their local government, likewise their
open letter of protest.

We the refugees concerned, are making to the competent
authority in charge of the decentralisation of refugees to
private houses our understanding and support known, to what
concerns housing transfer.

Refugees living in Möhlau with family to be accorded a
private house each.

Refugees living in Möhlau without family to be accorded 2
persons to a private house.

This would help to reduce the local government expenditures.
This would help to save the lives of innocent refugees
instead of psychological illness caused by isolation in

Flüchtlingsinitiative Möhlau Wittenberg

contact speaker

salomon wantchoucou