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Stop persecuting activist now !

Stop persecuting activist

The role of activism in a society or country is quit peaceful and it contribute to create a social. Economical and environmental changes to which the states or country uses to make a perfect research of appropriate development beneficial to their citizens.

Activist are people of peace by nature who beliefs in a positive thinking and truth, they believe also that all humanity have the right of existence without been oppressed by no institutions rather the institutions were meant to serve the people in a peaceful way.

The activist movement helps to create a better world of peace without war or conflicts, a world in which every human beings should feel free and enjoy equal economical, social and environmental development.

Without activism the world at large would be in coarse form and the oppressions and repressions would have dominated the entire world which could lead to irreversible conflicts in all parts of the world.

Oury Jalloh had been killed in a police cell in Dessau caused by burning and a lot of other were equally victims of police brutality to which no one claims responsible of the atrocities, therefore it is the duty of an activist to demand for the justice and at the same time, giving a signal to the competent authority that it is unjustified for a police, whose duty is to protect human beings to be engaged in this kinds of atrocities.

It is the duty of an activist to make sure that the competent authorities would never alloy this kind of events and atrocities to ever happen again in future in the society and it is the obligation of the competent authority to protect all individuals whether they are black or red, green or white no matter their nationality.

Moctar Bah one the founders of the “initiative in gedanken an Oury Jalloh” has been facing a lot of repressions forwarded to him by the states as it has been mentioned in the press. This kind of repression is unaccepted, however instead of the state to show solidarity to him because repressions would never solve the problem rather it would lead to aggravate the situation.

Refugees were been sent to live in an isolated camps in which it makes it impossible for innocent refugees to integrate themselves at the same time forced to live withe restrictive movement without working permit, while some were forced to lives with only voucher as a social help, although their lives were in danger in their respective countries in which they lastly resided.

The consequences of this leads to psychological illness because of isolation and Diabetics caused by the voucher system where by it makes it obligatory for an innocent refugee to eat what he or she does not intend to eat. The perspective of their live and existence were systematically destroyed. Africans were highly victim in that matter, whereby African were the least in terms of refugees and migrant however suffers the most states repressions, manipulation while they were innocent.

Basing on this defined reasons we say no to police brutality, no to state repression and persecution.
Solidarity is the best solution not repression! we need change now!

Flüchtlingsinitiative wittenberg