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Anouncement by DTP on arrests by Turkish security forces


14 April 2009

Democratic Society Party’s (DTP) central executive committee members and provincial administrators have been arrested by concurrent police swoops. This ominous situation has been realized while discussing process about the peaceful solution of Kurdish Question. So far, nearly 80 people have
taken into custody and three of them are vice co-chairs of DTP. Our arrested members were exposed to violence by Turkish security forces. There is not any healthy information about our members’ situation still. We are carrying deep worries through unlimited pressure on our party. Turkish government knows that wave of arrest on Kurdish politicians is going to create an aggression period in Turkey.

After the local elections, DTP has proven own legality and effects on Kurdish People and Turkey’s political arena. Therefore, Turkish government planned to isolate DTP members for blocking communication with the people. Turkish law system still allows blaming politicians by a speech. For this reason, peaceful solution opportunities about Kurdish Issue are almost eliminated. Every political action which includes political demands and peaceful region has been accepted as “supporting terrorism” by the Turkish law system. Currently, thousands of DTP members and supporters are under arrest and convicted due to “supporting terrorism”. This is a political chaos.

Turkish Government’s aggressive manner is the source of “Turkish nationalist mentality”. Regrettably, European Governments’ supports on Turkish Government revealed one-sided political behaviors. So, Turkish Government has not feel any need of dialogue with DTP. Hence, Turkish Prime
Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan tried to restrict of political ways to solution of Kurdish Issue. The clearest examples such as tricks on electoral lists have been spotted in the Kurdish regions.

We especially like to explain that DTP aims to provide an honorable peace process. We believe that violence can be ended by dialogue ambiance. But Turkish Government wants to solve Kurdish issue without the Kurds. So, we believe that European Union has important responsibilities about Kurdish
Issue on instability in Turkey. European Union has not abided by own basic principles. We demand that The Union must determine own attitudes about the Turkey’s Kurdish Issue.

We hope that European Governments should take incumbent responsibilities for supporting peaceful solutions in Turkey.
Respectfully announced to public opinion

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