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Demand for Reunification of the Omoroghomwan/ Oronsaye Family


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Dear Sir or Madam,

It is unacceptable that the Jugendamt and the Ausländerbehörde of the Vogtlandkreis have been harassing and denigrating the Omoroghomwan/ Oronsaye Family for years: The family’s petitions for relocation out of the isolation camp Posseck were systematically denied; Ms. Omoroghomwan has been personally discredited and slandered; police violence was exerted on the three older girls, who sought refuge from the social isolation of Posseck in an AWO-Children’s’ Home in Treuen.

Foremost, however, I write to protest against the forced isolation of the three girls Sophia, Sandra und Sonia Omoroghomwan from their adoptive mother and her youngest daughter, Dammiana Oronsaye, their next of kin and parental figure.

After Ms. Omoroghomwan’s custody of the children was revoked on technical grounds, the mother’s contact to the children was reduced to one monitored visit per month. The contact to friends of the family and even the lawyer, who represents the children in the criminal proceedings against the police and Jugendamt, was forbidden. The children are being robbed of their personal freedom. Now they are being told that Claudia Omoroghomwan is not their mother. For the children, however, Claudia Omoroghomwan is not only the most important person in their life, she is their mother. She is the only person whom they trust and who gives them emotional security in this foreign environment. In isolating the children from her, one is not only depriving them of emotional security, but also of their connection to their African roots and their identity.

I protest against the way in which the term “child welfare is being instrumentalized by the authorities in this case und construed according to the needs of the authorities. Clearly, for them the children’s welfare is not of primary concern, but rather the fact both Ms. Omoroghomwan and the children have continuously resisted the racist treatment. If those responsible at the Jugendamt are serious about acting in accord with the children’s welfare, they should advocate that the entire family can live together in conditions that allow social integration.

Therefore, I call on the Jugendamt and the Ausländerbehörde of the Vogtlandkreis, to ensure an immediate family reunification and to make possible a quick relocation to a central, private and adequate accommodation, where the family can develop the urgently necessary social and church contacts and can live in conditions in which mother and children can experience a healthy development.

It is the right of every person to live humanely and to be respected in their autonomy and unhindered self-development. This is especially essential for children,


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