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The German authorities should give refugee status to Mehrandokht Feizi after her application for asylum in Germany. Through their people they had enough information about the case of Mrs. Feizi. In fact through professor Klaus Steinbek they were fully aware of what happened by the interviews, which German team trying to record under the direct responsibility of Mrs. Feizi. Iranian authorities had chosen Mrs Feizi as a responsible person so that the recording can be consistent with Islamic Iranian political interest. The German team was recording the interviews as a raw material for their documentary film in Iran. Due to Mrs Feizi’s workthe team was able to continue the recordings and to send out an important part of these interviews, which were a protest against women situation in Islamic Iran. (for a complete view, please refer to the leaflet of the Caravan for the right of refugees and migrants over this case).

The question is why German authorities for asylum in spite of their knowledge about the facts, didn’t agree to give political asylum status to Mrs. Feizi? By relying indirectly to what professor Steinbek has written and what was published openly in German media, they have claimed that those events can not cause any danger against the life of Mrs.Feizi! Shamelessly, Professor Steinbek assessed the treatment of Mrs. Feizi by Iranian intelligence agents in his article as a common behavior in Iran. The effect of of professor Steinbek’s patriarchal view on the decision of the asylum department (Bundesamt) shows the accordance of German governmental system with patriarchal views. And this is no exception. Some years ago, the scandal of mistreating of asylum department against Roya Mosayebi and another woman refugee from Bremen initiated vast protest of progressive people in Germany. At that time in their effort to deport the Iranian refugees German police have forcefully tried to put a veil on the head of Roya Mosayebi in cooperation with the laws of Islamic republic of Iran to prepare an acceptable pass photo. And in the case of the other Iranian refugee, resident in Bremen, authorities tried to make an Islamic photo by computer manipulation. The campaign of the Caravan against that patriarchal affair caused a big scandal for the German government.

How can the asylum department claim that the life of Mrs. Feizi will not be in danger if she is sent back to Iran? Just to compare the case of Mrs Feizi with the less dangerous events that happened in Islamic Iran is enough. Everybody has heard about the murder story of Mrs. Zahra Kazemi an originally Iranian reporter who was Canadian resident. Her crime was to take a photo from outside of Evin prison. Inside the prison she was raped and brutally killed. Another women was Zahra Baniyaghub a student of medicine who was arrested because she has been together with her fiancé in a park. They took her to prison and killed her after raping. There are many examples over this subject. Islamic Republic of Iran is absolutely an anti-woman regime. So again, why did the asylum department reject Mrs.Feizi’s application for political asylum in spite of all these reasons?

In Europe and America many people think the big western powers are against the Islamic Republic of Iran and that Russia and China are its supporters. According to public opinion Islamic Republic of Iran is a regime which is against the West. This is a wrong picture. It is true that big powers compete with each other in different ways over controlling Iran, but the state of Iran is a state which was essentially established to protect the interest of these big Imperialist powers. All their choice is not more than what an employee of a company or government can decide by her or his own will. From other side, if the big powers due to struggle and protest of people had accepted to admit asylum, this not so because they respect human dignity. They accept asylum in order to make themselves able to keep the origin country under political pressure, benefit from the cheap labor of refugees and also use the terrible situation of refugees as a social relief tablet for their own discontent people. Yet they let a minority to have asylum status, and many others to wait many for years without any principle human rights, until they possibly receive refugee status, and also it is clear that many refugees either at time of arrival or after some times are forcefully deported.

Admitting asylum policy of these states including Germany is essential to bargain with the country of origin. As a result asylum department naturally neglect the brutal treatment by Islamic Republic of Iran in relation with women and in spite of knowledge about the story of Mrs. Feizi and her reasons to reside out of Iran, they foolishly write inside Mrs. Feizi’s asylum protocol that her flight reasons would not put her life in danger in the case of her return to Iran. Not to forget that the same professor Klaus Steinbek in cooperation with the Iranian team where Mrs. Feizi traveled with to Germany, had done his best to force Mrs. Feizi to be returned. And if Mrs. Feizi would not successfully have escaped from her hotel during midnight, they have returned her to Iran forcefully. They had even prepared the return ticket.

Progressive people in the West including Germany support reside of refugees in their countries mainly due to reasons of humanity. This is good but not enough. It is good to oppose deportation of any refugee in spite of his or her political tendency, but it is not enough. Many have sympathy with Moslems and Islam and Islamic countries because they are subjected to state racism and under attack by some racist layers of society. Some progressive people raise this sympathy up to solidarity with Islamic movements or states. As a result of this they hesitate to make firm solidarity with the militant and left oriented women refugees when they rise up against their reactionary states. Perhaps they think so long that supporting the right to asylum it is enough. Due to unjust wars between big powers and Islamic movements they forget easily that Islamic laws are absolutely anti women orientated. The Islamic Republic of Iran neglects the rights of women and treats them as slaves exactly because of these Islamic laws. Opposing these circumstances, Mrs. Feizi was forced to seek asylum in Germany. Solidarity with her means at the same time to be in solidarity with the progressive women movement in Iran. Solidarity with progressive women movement in Iran means enforcing liberation movements of women in the West. Islam or any religion can be a private affair of any person. Anybody has the right to have his or her personal believes. But it is unacceptable to let Islam or any other religion run the society. You must oppose these religious laws. The first step to oppose these laws is to support those who are fighting against it.

Mrs. Feizi is an intellectual, progressive and courageous woman who is standing against these old traditions and laws and the state that protecting them. Support her struggle and her right to reside in Germany.


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