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Action against K&S - a private company operating refugee camps

Thursday, May 8, 2008 - 10:00 to 13:26

Anti-lager-action against the K&S company in Sottrum which runs refugee homes

Since february the inhabitants of the refugee camp Katzhütte are protesting against their accomodation in an former holiday-camp in the forest of Thüringen. They are demanding the dissolving of all camps. In a public resolution they write:

„We want an end to this life of harassment and psychological torture ! We want to live in normal houses and not in baracks ! We want to close this lousy home! We are calling you to support our struggle for our dignity !„

Although Katzhütte is situated in the east of Germany, the company running the camp is in Sottrum – not more than 30 kilometres away from Bremen. It is the company merger K & S, one of the leading suppliers what the construction and running of social real estate and old people's homes in Germany is concerned. On their website they write showily: „ The human being is in the centre. It is our aim to achieve the contentness, independency and self-determination of the people we take care of.“ We do not know if K&S can live up to this standard concerning their care of old people. But it is very clear that in Katzhütte the rights of refugees are walked all over – also by the head of the refugee home whom K&S employs. Already since the 1990s K&S belongs to those companies who make cool extra profits by running homes for refugees and homeless people. Therefore we call for a rally in front of the head office of this company in Sottrum – including a demo through the little town. We demand that K&S steps back from their contract to run this refugee home. Because up to now the responsable authorities in Thüringen are entrenching themselves behind their contract with K&S – or put differently: They say, that are tied to this contract and therefore unable to do much.

The refugee protest in Katzhütte has already gained attention from all over Germany. Therefore it is important to increase the pressure from all sides ! Because especially service industries like K&S are sensitive to pressure – because they have an image to loose !

Thursday, 8th of May at 10 o'clock in Sottrum (Rotenburger Straße 1)

You can get to Sottrum by train. K&S is three kilometres away from the train station – therefore it would be best if you take your bikes with you on the train. (train 9.36 from Bremen/main station – there will be people knowing the way)

The rally and the demo are organized by the antiracist plenary Oldenburg-Blankenburg, NoLager Bremen and Karawane Bremen

In general we demand: Abolish Residenzpflicht! Stop deportation! Close down all camps!

For global freedom of Movement! Equal Rights for all!

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Rotenburger Straße 1, 27367 Sottrum (Landkreis Rotenburg)