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Students tortured in Iran

Tens of arrested students in Iran are tortured

The following report is a selected part of a leaflet recently published by equality and freedom seeking university students. This translation is to inform you about the situation of tens of arrested students in the beginning days of December. These students are under most hard kind of tortures. It is urgent need to protest against these arrest and tortures and asking their immediate release.

Collective of Iranian students and youth living in Europe, December 30, 2007

Now Iranian communist students are strongly worrying abut the situation of more than thirty students from their lines whom are in the prison of special security forces. There is not any chance to contact with the prisoners inside these jails. This part of the jail is even out of the control of the main officials of the Ewin prison. Far from any witness and through most hard physical and psychological and sexual oppression they extract forcefully the information from the prisoners, forcing them to accept the so called accusation, make them to confess false crimes, and so on.
The prisoners are forced to answer the written or oral questions of the inspectors while sitting on wood or metal chairs facing the wall. These kinds of inquiries are continued for hours and hours without any break. If the prisoners are not ready to cooperate or resist admitting the accusations then he or she would enter to a hard process. Inspectors would start insulting all of family members, especially insulting the female members. They mix the insults with threats and strikes against back of the neck and shoulders and little by little by coming the darkness the time of torture will arrive. Those who are according to the inspectors the “breakers of the will” and having especial kind of skills, come on the stage. They take the prisoner to downstairs or the room for central heating or backyard. “Breakers of the will” always crying, insulting and threatening. They order the prisoner to sit and stand and he or she must chose between obeying or to be beaten. During this process the “breakers of the will” keeps on talking about the illness of parents, how the mother had heart attack because of hearing about her child, how the judge had ordered an especial kind of Islamic punishment and so on. Just once the prisoner does slowly the movement of sitting and standing, they would start beating him or her. Little by little prisoner feels tires and weakness and would face insensibility in the feet, now the new process will start. They order the prisoner to stay on one leg. If not obeying then you would receive punches in the stomach or slaps at your face. This would increase your weakness so that you can not stand on your foot. The “Breakers of the will” according to their experience, find out this feeling very soon. They would start to beat up and down of the back part of the feet of the prisoner with their foot. Each strike cause the knees to be bent and breaks the balance. A treble pain would begin in the feet. Then he would start to beat behind both side of the neck with the keen part of his hand. The punch against spinal column causes darkness in your vision. During this process prisoner would fall down frequently, but “Breakers of the will” poor cold water by some plastic glass over your face, neck and down your waist to keep you more vigilant.
They return the prisoner with such a condition to the jail wanting him or her to fill up 100 page of the marked papers of the “revolution court”, telling you if not fill all the papers till next day with your confess then the torture would be repeated. Prisoner after that much of pressure must chose either not sleeping or to be tortured again.
If you refuse in any way the will of inspectors or the “Breakers of the will” then they would return with the especial Islamic punishment order of the judge. According to this order they will fest your hands and feet to a wooden bed and beat you with belt or lash on the bottom of your feet.
If the team of inquiry is not sure about the duration time of arrest then they would not meet any risk and would try nothing remain as a trace of torture on the body of prisoner. In this case they would use the method of white torture. In the 209 and 325 part of the prison there are the individual jails all in white or red color. They keep the prisoner for some weeks in such a kind of jail and would not ask him or her anything. In this kind of the jail there is a small window of 20cm long and 10cm width in the bottom of the door to put the food inside, so you can not even see the guard. Because of the color of the jail you lose your balance and would have hard nervous tensions. If they continue for a long time this method of painless torture the prisoner would rich to the full madness and losing his or her subjectivity and would become ready to cooperate with them.
Other kind of torture especially against Jung prisoners is sexual abuse. They luck the hands from behind the body, cover the eyes and put the prisoner against the wall and round him or her by three or four, starting with sexual threats and touching the different parts of the body of prisoner… prisoner become so nervous that either give up for cooperating or resorting to madly reactions…
Keeping awake is another treble kind of torture, they use against prisoners. They put the prisoner in an individual jail where strong projectors lightening the jail strongly from some three meter distance. They broadcast loudly alarm or moumurnfull songs. So they tear apart the nerves of prisoners and even when they are unconscious taking them under water to keep the prisoner awake. And again keeping them in the same jails brazenly lighted and loudly broadcasted with alarm or moumurnfull songs. And this process continues some 3 till 7 days.
Description above is only a part of what happening in 209 and 325 jails. The” freedom lover and equality seekers students” already are in the jails of Islamic Republic Regime of Iran, they are under threats of such an inhuman and barbaric deeds. This danger is much greater for the prisoners who could not be able to have any contact with their families. “

students committee - Belgium

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