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About the hidden object of punishment or about examined/questioned subject

From Solidarity With Arrested Journalists Platform(TGDP)

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'Punishment makes its most concentrated effect on people who haven't yet committed it – the crime' (Michel Foucault, Surveiller et Punir Naissance de la prison – Born of Prison)

I'm writing to you in order to interpret the concrete situation of being in prison for the last 3 months of 2006, with the aim of knowing much more why I/ we have been punihed.
We are preparing New Year cards for 'other' punisheds and their families to be able to be in a new year with persistance against punishment must be making us prepare persistance which invites/invents innovations.
Being in 'new' year, being 'punished', being a woman and being in solidarity...for a persistent sentence, I have lots of ignitive ingredients, I think.

But why am I imprisoned?

I've asked this question more and more in these days when the isolation and f-type prisons have been brought to agenda by Behiç Aşçı's hunger strike/death fast.

But why am I imprisoned?

Endeavor of installation of social subversions into 21st century's political, the critical and imaginal context is A DANGEROUS ARDENCY!

Organisation/ collectivisation of consciousness, above all organisation of being oppressed and particularly endeavor of this consciousness coming into collision with history is A DANGEROUS ADENCY!

To be cognisant of femininity, to live my femininity, to desire becoming wom'e'n, to shelve being actual female subjects of plural sentences is A DANGEROUS ADENCY!

To read reality from historical integrality and to write the reality by revealing the hidden subject who will construct future is A DANGEROUS ARDENCY!

To join protests, demonstrations, meetings, to be a member of legal associations, to be leaders of trade-unions, to be activists of legal platforms and to be journalists and editors of newspapers is A DANGEROUS ARDENCY!

To be in the new year with persistance is A DANGEROUS ARDENCY!

But why am I imprisoned?

By which outer obligations are my/our 'freedom's, the basic 'freedom's? Whose obligations are these? Which of my 'coggition's are wanted to be destroyed?
The lences converging through 'today' are dangerous ardencies, politicized utopias, organised'collectivised imageries/dreams and revolution as a unique cause of existence.

And arrestment operations of state authorities which give detective messages to society. And prisons.

Which one is freedom? Which one is obligation?
But why am I imprisoned?

Or, let us ask this question multiplying with 18. Let the question echo 18 times at prison walls, let it echo 18 times at the walls of people who are not imprisoned. Just because I'm not alone. Since September 21, 2006, my 17 friends and I are in prison; our freedom is being restricted by an 'unknown' reason.

An other face or 'not knowing' is 'not informing'. For 3 months, I don't know the reasons of the court by which our arrestments are renewed every month. The 'secrecy decisions' on our file make my journalist identity ask 5W1H questions about concept of law and justice.

The news on honor killings, which I couldn't make, are being amassed. Somewhere, someone(s) is talking about active participation of women into politics.

I, as a female journalist, am looking from the prison through the amassed news, obligations of authorities, and the violence of authorities. I'm not able to give the answer of why I'm imprisoned, to my massacred sisters. Who arrested me one evening from my newspaper's bureau couldn't don't explain why they set the action of informing about realities.

What is secrecy? What is obligation? Where is my freedom?
But why am I imprisoned?

Are they afraid of socialisation of my/our dangerous imageries/dreams and afraid of these imageries' finding a place in history? Are all of these for letting punishment make its most concentrated effect on people who haven't yet committed it – 'the crime' - ?

Özge Kelekçi
imprisoned journalist
working for the newspaper Atılım

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