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Anti repression solidarity support

Gaston Ebua is a selforganised political activist and human rights campaigner. He is in an independent network of political refugees and activists - The VOICE Forum - within the Caravan for the rights of refugees and Migrants. He is a representative in Berlin of The VOICE Refugee forum project. While Gaston is registered as a resident of Berlin, he is presently prohibited by the German Aliens office in Darmstadt to take his residence in Darmstadt only. He has been offered from his work in Berlin an unconditional study place for September 2004 in Human rights and Psychology by the Roehampton University in London.

Due to the above mentioned restriction stamped in Gaston's travel document he will face future problems of residence. With this restriction he cannot afford to change housing(even if he has to within Berlin-“Ummeldung”). This is due to the risk of being asked to return to Darmstadt. In London, as he is expected to hand a complete English translation of all documents, the problem of explaining that he is registered in Berlin and at the same time carrying a restriction to Darmstadt only in his travel Document can arise. While in London when intending to return to Berlin -Germany for any reason, he again runs the risk to be returned to Darmstadt. He thinks that while he has to return to Germany, it is not German administration to decided where he must stay.

Besides, his studies being connected to his working with different associations in Berlin like other parts of Germany. It requires that he is not threatened by the restriction for choosing to reside in Berlin. This is making the structural preparation for his studies in relation to his work in Berlin very difficult and require that this restriction must be removed.. He will like to support his case against this restriction to Darmstadt only which is banning him from any other town. This is by appealing for any financial contributions to support his case and to support contributions for his tuition fees in london estimated at 1700 Euros per year with an estimated 350 Euros monthly for living expenses.

Please send any supporting financial contributions to :
Gaston Ebua -Study rights: Berliner Sparkasse Kontonummer: 670219240 -BLZ 100 500 00

Anti repression solidarity support with Gaston of The VOICE Forum/Berlin.

* This is for the personal freedom of political association, the freedom of settlement and of studies.
* This is an appeal to support efforts against permanent institutional hostility practiced in restricting freedom of settlement in Germany to one town only.

Since August 2002 Gaston filed an official complaint. With the help of a lawyer this is still pending at the Administrative court in Darmstadt against the discriminating practice of the Alien office of Darmstadt represented by the Mayor. Gaston had been hostily shouted upon by one official who came in saying German is official language when an interpreter was even present. Another official brutally seized an official document which the above name person was still signing. When the above name person insisted to finish his signature as a matter of dignity the official then called for the police against him and his interpreter.
In addition this Alien Office of Darmstadt had refused to recognise as a socio cultural and political contribution an offer free German language study programme. This had been also offered in support of his work in Berlin to prepare him for University studies in the German Language. Unfortunately it had been more important for the Aliens office of Darmstadt to maintain the restriction to Darmstadt only.
The basis of this restriction is from an interior ministerial decree of the State of Hessen which without any possibility of permission, prohibits the freedom of residence for asylum seekers considered under the Geneva convention. Other asylum seekers who are not considered under the Geneva convention face similar restriction on the other hand. They are forbidden by direct law from freedom of movement (apartheid like residential obligation law). That is, they are not to move without special and rarely given apartheid permisson.
They are not to leave their district or camp where they are registered regularly preparing them for murderous Deportation. There is additional punitive imprisonment, heavy fines with forced labour for moving without permission before finally deported through the above mention process. Both described forms of restriction of movement respectively of freedom of residence are rejecting the persons concerned their every basis of human rights. This is by policing choice of residence and/or movement to restrict and criminalize every basic opportunity of human development. It is leaving them only with face value to be human beings for deportation and possible deaths not forgetting the uncurable and hidden psychological mass perpetuated derangement.

The administration of Darmstadt and the court have communicated that since Gaston is registered in Berlin and can afford to get support socially in Berlin, the lawyer should withdraw the case despite the unchanged restriction to Darmstadt. This has been refused as the above named person is feeling very insecure about this. The Darmstadt administration becoming aware of the offer to study in London, ordered again to withdraw the case. This offer has repeatedly been refused as the above named person is still insecure as he faces a daily administrative threat of being asked to return administratively to Darmstadt from Berlin.
It is not imaginable that the same ministerial political order which prohibit the change of residence for a free language course in an integral programme of a human right self organisation and political association in Berlin, is genuinely interested to encourage studies in London of the same integral programme.
Gaston has only recently been given the entry clearance for the UK. This is following another legal battle against the U.K. representive at the British Consulate General in Düsseldorf. The Legal support from London has been very costly. Four entry clearance refusals including one application form not being accepted had to be challanged. Therefore not much finances are left. It is necessary that before Gaston can go to London the court is able to decide to avoid administrative consequences for him in Germany like in London.

This restriction including the discretion it creates, remains a form of permanent State exclusion and State criminality whereby such discrimination is intented to officially inflict permanent and personal racism. This is for the target elimination and permanent deportation with the disappearances of refugees and migrants without any accountability by Authorities. The Authorities pride themselves in keeping the migrant and refugee in their place. It is therefore an ethic human right discrimination and an abuse of dignity as well as to the motive of the conventions of humanity. Political human right association is not a State property and anyone is free to reside anywhere it takes them. The Selforganisational intitiaves and strikes will continue with protests against Deportations, colonialism, Residenzpflicht, Isolation, Lagers, Prisons, Political prisoners, Persecution, Police Violence, Racist Controls, Criminalisation, foreigners Law, Courts, discrimination, Racism, Exploitation, multinationals, Occupations and Militarization, Enviromental destruction, Social Exclusion, Sexism, Post facist and Neo Nazism, Restriction of movement and settlement here and elsewhere.

Any little donation contributed to the above mentioned account will be helpfull.

Contact: Antirassistische Initiative Yorck Str 59 10965 Berlin. Mobile: 0173 188 97 22 ; Tel 030-785 72 81 Fax. 030-786 99 84. Email: