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Video of 4th memory day of Oury Jalloh's murder in Police cell in Dessau

This is the video post from the demo to remember the Oury Jalloh's murder. It was 4 years ago when he was arrested by Desau police and tortured to death and set in fire to hide the evidence of torture. The judge in the court said that it is a kind of murder but the state machinery is used to hide the evidence. The fact swhows that the police is claimed themselve for the murder collectively. See the video of the demo...

Demo in Düsseldorf against the Israeli attack in Palestinian Gaza

This is a video clip of a demonstration in Düsseldorf to protest the Israeli attack in Gaza. In the attack many civilians including women and children are killed. People shows their anger through protest. The Protest action were taken place 5 different cities of Germany.In Düsseldorf more than 5 thousand people from different countries and from radical left to radical Islamic people came together. Caravan activists also among them.
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